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Here you can find some photographs of me in different periods of life. It is not easy to distinguish between photos with me alone and those with my family and friends. However, here I am presented, though in my life I am rather a photograher than a photo object.

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2018.06.11 For me the war in the Persian Gulf was only with waves :-), and only a few times.
2018.06.10 The Persian Gulf, previously known to me as the place of the “Desert Storm” military operation, actually has shown itself as peaceful and hospitable.
2018.06.07 I tried to fit the photo frame called Dubai Frame but it seems I did this not the best way. :-)
2018.06.07 In hot Dubai cats let you pet them not because they are tame but because of the heat they have no strength to escape. :-)
2018.06.07 Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai was more hospitable for me – I visited it inside.
2018.06.06 On the ladder of one of the exhibits of the museum of Arab aviation in Sharjah.
2018.06.06 One-eyed sea devil. :-)
2018.06.06 It turned out that sea urchins can be kept on hand not being afraid to get hurt!
2018.06.05 As if I am drinking camel milk in the Dubai Mall (because actually I have already drunk it – almost like cow's one).
2018.06.05 I was inside and the top of Burj Khalifa, and here I am outside and at the foot of this beauty and the masterpiece of modern architecture!
2018.06.05 The Burj Khalifa international construction team and I who have just come down from it.
2018.06.05 And the last panoramic view from Burj Khalifa with me leaning not on the glass (it is scary), but on the beam between.
2018.06.05 How many monotonous photos from Burj Khalifa are there? But here you can see 2 EMAAR skyscrapers under construction, united by… a ship!..
2018.06.05 This is me only on the 124th floor of 163, at the height of 452 meters of 828!
2018.06.05 Was there a view from Burj Khalifa with me sitting yet? no? There it is! :-)
2018.06.05 A view from Burj Khalifa that shows complex road junctions and gives understanding that it is the skyscraper of skyscrapers.
2018.06.05 Another view from Burj Khalifa to the desert with skyscrapers, in which it stands.
2018.06.05 I understand the English warning on the glass a little bit so I stopped to extend my arms outside Burj Khalifa. :-)
2018.06.05 On the Burj Khalifa's glass there is a warning in Arabic that you should not extend arms outside but can Russians read the Arabic script? :-)
2018.06.05 On one of the skyscrapers smaller than Burj Khalifa there is the name of its owner and the owner of many other skyscrapers, the biggest developer in the Emirates – the EMAAR company.
2018.06.05 One of the views from Burj Khalifa is giving the understanding of that other skyscrapers are just small fries being compared to it!
2018.06.05 A model of the world's tallest building – Burj Khalifa – on the way to lifts going to its top.
2018.06.04 There are skyscrapers made of glass and concrete behind me, and a mosque in front of me.
2018.06.04 By al Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal Mosque, which I was not let into, as a non-Muslim. :-(
2018.06.04 At the Cultural Square of Sharjah with its famous Koran monument.
2018.06.04 With H. H. Ruler's Office in the background; the ruler of the Sharjah emirate is also called “emir”.
2018.06.04 Sometimes I have to pretend reading… though indeed you I do not understand a word of Arabic script. :-(
2018.06.04 With the Sharjah Library in the background.
2018.06.04 This is the real Cultural Palace! at the Emirates level!..
2018.06.03 With Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the background – one of the biggest mosques in the world, which we could not get into.
2018.06.02 Lord of the magical Black Stones of Hinghema at Al Khan beach in Sharjah.
2018.06.01 The Dubai Marina elite district. If I had an apartment there, I would have this bay instead of a garage, and a yacht instead of a car. :-)
2018.06.01 This is how elite villas look like on the “branches” of the Palm Jumeirah artificial island and that person who has no such a villa there. :-(
2018.06.01 This Hyundai Sonata helped us to learn places of interest and travel through the United Arab Emirates (“UAE” on its state number).
2018.06.01 One of the most expensive hotels in the world, Atlantis the Palm, has the arch hole in its center, shaped like a church's dome, and a head perfectly fits it. :-)
2018.06.01 With Atlantis the Palm in the background – one of the most expensive hotels in the world, with the world's most expensive Royal Bridge Suite.
2018.06.01 Mere mortals (without an excursion) are not allowed to enter the territory of the 7-stars sail-shaped hotel, so they have to be photographed at the approaches.
2018.06.01 That famous 3-stars sail-shaped hotel, with which everyone takes photos being in Dubai, in the haze of the summer day heat does not look as bright as on postcards.
2018.06.01 At 2 p. m. the sun in the Emirates is so bright so it is hard to open eyes for a photograph in the Dubai fountains waiting for an evening.
2018.06.01 It is not easy to fit the world's tallest building – Burj Khalifa – into the frame, even if the frame is vertical!
2018.06.01 In the giant glass wall of the Dubai Mall aquarium there are storeys of the trade center reflecting, and inside it there are fishes swimming.
2018.06.01 There, behind the glass wall of the Dubai Mall aquarium, there are such sea monster swimming, so I am shocked! :-O
2018.06.01 Like Adriano Celentano :-) with the giant aquarium of the Dubai Mall in the background.
2018.06.01 There are some athletes falling along the artificial waterfall in the Dubai Mall, while a Russian man thinks they are Gagarins (from the Gagarin square in Moscow). :-)
2018.05.31 There are a lot of skyscrapers in Sharjah, and I am so little one! :-)
2018.05.31 An example of a harmonious combination of modern urban architecture with traditional religious one (mosques) along al Kasba channel in Sharjah.
2018.05.31 Al Qasba is one of the best pedestrian zones for an evening promenade in Sharjah, along the same-name channel.
2018.05.31 Ah-argh!.. :-O A giant fish from the Sharjah Aquarium is trying to bite off my arm!
2018.05.31 In the Emirates I could save up some money only for a small yacht. :-)
2018.05.30 Beach patrol. :-)
2018.05.30 A view of the hot Sharjah from our hotel's roof. There is the left half of the M-shaped building at the right edge.
2018.05.30 In the end of the touristic season in the Emirates the sun was so bright so that the horizon was melting in some places, and the sky was smoothly turning into the sea (the Persian Gulf).
2018.05.30 On vacation you can have rest from the regular shaving. :-)
2018.05.29 In the last charter to the Emirates (the UAE) there were a lot of free places and sleeping pillows. :-)
2018.05.12 One of the honorary guests at the Vladimir book festival called “BooFest” were Michael Veller, a quite famous Russian writer, whose autograph is now in my copy of his book “Everything About Life”.
2018.05.09 Not served in army, especially in the times of the Degtyarev's handheld machine gun, is impressed by its mass.
2018.04.30 I am the angry and scary Scorpio… but with my poisonous tail cut. :-)
2018.04.30 Whose glance is more tricky? :-) In the Moscow Zoo.
2018.04.30 The Kudrinskaya Square Building is one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers of Moscow. “So small I am”. :-)
2018.04.29 In front of the monument to Gagarin, the first cosmonaut, who holds a bouquet of daisies behind his back, which in Zvezdny Gorodok (the Star Town) he picks up on the way from work and brings to his beloved wife to the multistoried house in the background.
2018.04.29 My stretching is not as good as needed but at the “To Stars” sculpture by the “Home of Cosmonauts” in Zvezdny Gorodok (the Star Town) so you want to be a part of the human's desire for space!
2018.04.29 Holding the MiG-15 UTI aircraft which used Yury Gararin and other first cosmonauts, I am charged with the spirit of great achievements in Zvezdny Gorodok (the Star Town), the Moscow region.
2018.04.29 The “Spectrum” module of the “Mir” space station in one of the training halls of the Yury Gagarin's Cosmonaut Training Center in Zvezdny Gorodok (the Star Town), the Moscow region.
2018.04.29 At the central office of the Russian oil company called “LUKoil” (as well as its IT department called “LUKoil Inform”) at 11 Sretensky Boulevard, Moscow.
2018.04.29 This spring in Moscow artificial sakura trees are seemed to be planted everywhere, including the Turgenev's Square.
2018.04.28 The main building of the Moscow State University on the Lenin Hills is one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers of Moscow, the tallest one (240 m with the spire).
2018.04.28 “My professional” department (IT Department of Moscow). Regarding the curved gas pipe at the left please contact a different department. :-)
2018.03.26 The Floating Bridge let me hold the Big Moskvoretsky one :-)
2018.03.26 Under the world's biggest mechanical clock in the Central Children's Shop (Moscow, Russia)
2018.02.17 I did not know I was taller than 180 cm :-)
2018.02.17 Bibliophile's glance into the deep of book knowledge
2018.02.17 Ready for TLC's “My 600-lb Life” TV program! :-)