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As it is known, every web project, more or less successful, should not be a “monologue” impervious for appeals of its visitors and users. Especially because the Web 2.0 concept goes that the Internet content is created by users themselves. And to this effect the given website is not an exclusion – at least I strain every nerve so that its visitors are not just visitors but primarily co-authors. On this page you will find information on the activity of the website's visitors.

  • Frequently Asked Questions. It is typical to recommend a website's visitors to view its FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with answers to the most popular questions prior to asking their own questions. Please do this especially because the given FAQ is not very long.
  • Commenting Rules. All commenting and messaging activity on the website must comply with the general commenting rules published here. All inapplicable comments and messages are subject to be deleted or edited with no regret.
  • GuestbookGuestbook for Visitors. The book for my guests' posts, or simply guestbook, is one of the most favorite means to express your feelings about the website in general or ask any questions that require public answers. Posts are grouped unders subjects, and can be replied. In most cases I reply to them quite quickly.
  • Electronic Mail. Unlike the guestbook that is public, an e-mail allows you to write or ask something personally. The appropriate e-mail address is available for my visitors in the bottom right corner on every website's page.