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Creations by Stanislav

Properly speaking, the main creation in the given website but since long time ago it started to be made by several co-authors the given page was separated to capture readers' attention to some of the main parts of my personal creative work here and in some other places.

  • Web Projects. Except this website I took part in creation of some more web projects, usually not very much big, and here you can find a sort of portfolio that is updated sometimes.
  • Software. When I was a professional programmer I loved to code various software, mostly utilities… Now it is almost gone but my some interesting developments left, some new appear sometimes, and here they are offered completely for free.
  • Articles, Reports, etc. Various articles, reports and other materials as results of my research activities, analysis or just observation of various aspects of life and profession, not so much scientific but usually quite interesting. 😇
  • Art Gallery. In the given gallery there are mostly amateur photographs that I usually call as “would-be of art value” but there are also some of my computer and hand-drawings.
  • Exotic. This category of my creative activities I use to refer some single, isolated precedents of my participation in creating something new, not to glorify the participation but only as interesting facts.