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Closed Book
Author. Section dedicated to the website creator (in Russian).
Resume. Resume of the website creator (in Russian).
Biography. Short biography of the website creator (in Russian).
Photos. Personal photo album of the website creator (in Russian).
Video. Archive of video clips with the website creator (in Russian).
Country. Native country of the website creator (in Russian).
Creations. The website creator's various creations (in Russian).
Closed Book
Website. Section dedicated to the website itself (in Russian).
News. News of the latest website's updates and the links to the latest visitors' comments (in Russian).
History. The history of the website's creation and development, including thanks to all participants, and visiting statistics (in Russian).
Promotion. Promotion information and materials: terms and conditions of links and banners exchange, wallpapers, etc. (in Russian).
Feedback. Various feedback information and activity: FAQ, rules, guestbook, etc. (in Russian).
Sitemap. The given map of the whole website's structure that helps to navigate on it (in Russian).
Closed Book
Collections. Section dedicated to miscellaneous collections (in Russian).
Curious. Collection of exclusive curious (funny) pictures (in Russian).
Cats. Photoalbum of cats my friends or I know “personally” (in Russian).
Links. Collection of interesting and useful links (in Russian).
Closed Book
Research. Section dedicated to various research (in Russian).
Articles. Articles, reports, etc. as results of research activities (in Russian).
Surveys. Surveys of visitors to the website (in Russian).
Movies. List of the best movies (in Russian).
Closed Book
Projects. Separate, the biggest projects of the website.
Galleries. Art galleries of the website creator and his friends (in Russian).