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Promotion of the Website

I have never practiced explicit promotion of the website – mostly so-so, between this and then. Maybe this explains why in the fullness of time the website used to grow very slowly and still remains uncommercial, nonprofit development. However, I never suffered from this anyhow. But the time and the Internet dictate their terms, thus I am forced to accumulate more and more standard attributes of a web project…

  • Desktop Wallpapers. As for me, I am not a fan of desktop wallpapers, however, the availability of the extraordinary logo and talented friends leads to the existence of such pictures, as is, and they can be shared – just in case somebody likes them. There are no limitations for the distribution of the graphical materials, and I do not demand compulsory referring to my website (wallpapers are image advertisement themselves).
  • Links and Banners. As it was mentioned above, I do not practice active promotion, including searching for websites to exchange links and banners with. However, I have all the necessary information to perform such an exchange – text links code, graphical banners and additional terms and conditions. An exchange is always voluntary, uncommercial but usually mutually beneficial.