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Photoalbum of Stanislav

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Here you can find some photographs of me in different periods of life. It is not easy to distinguish between photos with me alone and those with my family and friends. However, here I am presented, though in my life I am rather a photograher than a photo object.

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2010.07.23 A “working” portrait by a river (after swimming)
2010.07.16 Waiting for a volleyball serving
2010.07.16 True mafioso must be imperceptible
2010.07.16 Such a cool guy 8-) in the hot summer
2010.06.05 Junior Turkish pasha, full view
2010.06.05 Junior Turkish pasha
2010.06.05 Salam aleikum, Turkey!
2010.06.05 With the Turkish mountains in the background
2010.06.05 Trying to play long tennis in the Turkish heat
2010.06.04 I can't recall the reason of such a gesture
2010.06.04 Watching the fortress and the coastline of Alanya (Turkey)
2010.06.04 On the first deck of a boat ready to sail from Alanya's port (Turkey)
2010.06.04 Playing a captain of a boat still standing in Alanya's port (Turkey)
2010.06.04 Waiting for a wheel replacement for the bus going to Alanya (Turkey)
2010.06.03 Sie reden uber den Sonnenuntergang, den sie gesehen haben, sie reden daruber, wie die Sonne blutrot wurde, bevor sie ins Meer eintauchte und sie reden daruber, wie sie spuren konnten, wie die Sonne ihre Kraft verlor und die Kuhle vom Meer heraufzog und da
2010.06.03 Eating Turkish ice-cream among the huge letters of the hotel's name
2010.06.03 “Cici” in Russian means “titties”
2010.06.03 “Agent 007” with a season-dried Turkish river in the background
2010.06.02 I will never eat as much as I did that in Turkey!
2010.06.02 Not very much successful attempts to play with joyful Turkish puppets
2010.06.02 Standing on the hotel's pier, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background
2010.06.02 If I loose my job I could work like a fan
2010.06.02 Usually I don't eat as much as in “all inclusive” hotels
2010.06.02 Some palm trees in Turkey look like pine apples
2010.06.02 At the destroyed wall of Konakli park (Alanya, Turkey)
2010.06.02 Wish I have such a cactus at home!
2010.06.02 Diogenes of Sinope (don't confuse with Dionysus)
2010.06.02 Getting acquainted with a Turkish palm tree
2010.06.02 Early morning on a Turkish hotel's lane
2010.05.10 Mimicry in a spring forest
2010.05.02 On the first spring picnic in a pine forest
2010.04.14 Celebrating my own 3rd wedding anniversary
2010.02.18 Wanted by Microsoft, Kaspersky & ASBIS