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Collections of Stanislav

Below you will find collections of pictures and links which I do not collect task-orientedly but in the fullness of time the collections were dedicated from “Research” section as not research results indeed and sometimes updated (occasionally).

  • Curious. The collection of exclusively collected (and not stolen from the Internet) pictures (photographs, scans, screenshots) that are curious in some way (funny, stupid, unusual), both for “mortal humans” and computer geeks specially.
  • Cats. An album with photographs of cats whom my friends'n'fellows or I know “personally” anyhow. There is my home Siamese pussy-cat Jessie among them (the others do not live at my place!).
  • Links. The collection contains links to other Internet resources which the creator of the website or its visitors considered as interesting and/or useful. The validity of the collected links sometimes is checked by a special tool.