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Good morning, day, evening or night and wherever you are! I'm the author of this website, my name is Stanislav A. Ogryzkov, and that is why it has such a name. However, the first four years of the website's life went under my present computer nickname StingRay that has quite a sophisticated legend

At present I am 44 years old, I live in the city of Vladimir, while my full life track can be discovered with the help of my biography and resume. I have many different interests among which there are (in alphabetical order) art, aviation (I couldn't avoid it being a son of a pilot 😊), bicycling (1000 kilometers per year minimum), cats, communication, education, family and children, football, history, ice-skating, information technologies (I am MSc & PhD in IT), languages (English, Russian), literature, movies, philosophy, photography, politics, psychology, public relations (PR), quality management, religion, sociology, and traveling. IT includes web design that I use as means for my own Internet publications on all the mentioned themes.

  • Resume. The resume is not as means to find a job but as a single place to publish my “technical specification”, including matter-of-facts on my education, professional experience, etc. The resume is updated as meaningful changes in my life happen.
  • Biography. My biography, or more exactly, autobiography is not very long and possibly is not so much interesting but some people ask me how my life goes… Like the resume, it is appended sometimes as meaningful events occur in my life.
  • Photos. My personal photographic album that includes three separated parts: the first with photographs of “me, the beloved” 😊, the second is about my family, and the last is about my friends. The album is updated badly and irregularly.
  • Video. Archive of the video with my participation, though it sounds too loud for the page with only two video clips. However, the apperance of this page concurred with the opening of the own YouTube channel.
  • Country. I think it is important for everyone to love his/her country and the place where he/she was born or lives, the homeland. This is dedicated to Vladimir region, Russia, where I live and consider my home, despite I was born in a different place.
  • Creations. The index page that points to some of the main parts of my personal creative work on this co-authored website, though the website itself in the major creation.