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Photoalbum of Stanislav

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Here you can find some photographs of me in different periods of life. It is not easy to distinguish between photos with me alone and those with my family and friends. However, here I am presented, though in my life I am rather a photograher than a photo object.

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2015.12.30 Seaming the glass can with the colleagues' wishes for the New 2016 Year
2015.12.30 Thinking of my wife :-)
2015.12.30 Celebrating the New 2016 Year with my company
2015.12.30 Such an unusual ceiling… Or is this the sombrero's pent?.. :-)
2015.12.30 Let me introduce…
2015.12.30 I am not imitating, I love to read and read much indeed
2015.10.28 Harry Potter and the silver ball :-)
2015.10.28 Usually I do not wear wristwatch – it is inconvenient :-)
2015.10.28 In the photostudio's red zone, so relaxed…
2015.10.28 Listening the experience of the true Santa Claus, though he is small :-)
2015.10.28 Still not Santa Claus, only learning to be… :-)
2015.10.28 In the photostudio's brown zone, listening to you attentively…
2015.10.28 In the photostudio's violet zone, so thoughtful…
2015.10.28 Rime on branches shining, hiding face between…
2015.10.28 While there is no snow outdoors (though it is already the end of October), it lies in the photostudio
2015.10.25 The Mikhaylovsky Garden is especially beautiful in the autumn Saint Petersburg…
2015.10.25 Doves near the Kazan Cathedral are skilful – not willing to eat from empty hands :-)
2015.10.25 I am not the one who forgot the merits of Barclay de Tolly to Russia
2015.10.24 The well-known Round Tower of Vyborg, Russia, I had called “Easter cake” :-) from the very beginning
2015.10.04 Autumn portrait with still green trees in the background 
© 2015 My son Ratmir
2015.10.04 Autumn leaves are not only for girls to swim in 
© 2015 My son Ratmir
2015.10.04 Not always autumn leaves are bright 
© 2015 My son Ratmir
2015.09.13 Friendly bicycling cartoon on the sand of a Thai beach
2015.07.06 The rocket is ready to start, the water cooling of the engines is on :-)
2015.07.06 Native people say that this (the tower, not me:-) was not an attempt to copy the Big Ben of London, just a coincidence :-)
2015.07.06 Desperate, crazy racer :-)
2015.07.06 While you are just watching pictures I have to think about the future of the mankind… :-)
2015.07.06 In the Andalusian quarter but not in Spain – who can guess where? ;-)
2015.06.30 A human so small with the medina's tower in the background
2015.06.30 In the center of the geographic rebus – who can guess the place? ;-)
2015.06.27 Not-a-captain of a ship in the Port el Kantaoui
2015.06.27 Ice-cream was so tasty that I could not find the entrance to the harbor standing a hundred meters from it :-)
2015.06.26 My first parachute jump… upwards :-)
2015.02.20 Acting as a grandfather from a Russian fairy tale
2015.02.20 Getting ready to become a grandfather :-)