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History of the Website

As the website successfully exists since 23 December 2000, a lot of interesting things and information has been accumulated during the historical period, and all this I am planning to present in the given subsection for those who are interested.

  • Website Chronicle. Though some of my fellows and friends considered pathetic such a name for the page with the website's “biography”, nobody offered a better synonym. Moreover, I think that the word “chronicle” appropriately reflects the content of the page that is a chronological description of the website's life.
  • Website Logos. The page whose appearance required some restructuring of the given subsection to be made (and finally it was made) presents a historical prospect of a part of the website's graphical design, namely the changes of its logo, in different times made by different creative people.
  • Web Statistics. With the help of web counters (most of all, with the help of now used HotLog counter) interesting web statistics has been collected during the passed historical period. The statistics data has been processed, commented and presented herein.
  • Website Thanks. The website could not exist fro such a long period of time if in different times different people had not helped to fulfill and improve it. Therefore, since its creation there is a public list of those who participated (still participates) in the website's life, and the list is periodically updated.