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Your attention is invited to a handmade website (completely designed in a usual text editor) that has grown up from sometime poor or even terrible homepage (fortunately, only a few saw it 😉) to something more or less presentable! It used to be a completely personal creation of its author, and now it is filled and developed by a whole creative community that consists of friends and fellows who are united by the general purpose – through their own creations, self-expression, to give other people joy 😊 and beauty, to stimulate people's ability to dissect, to awake hidden creative reserves, ambition for self-development and improving the environment. We will be glad to see you as not only like our regular readers but also as active authors!

Now the website is 21 years old, long time ago it was given a normal name in the .ru domain zone and moved to a paid host server with great capabilities. Its English part (there is also the Russian one) is updated on a regular basis, so just use the top menu! (To see the Russian part click the “translation” link at the top right corner of the page.)

The website's guestbook is also waiting for your feedback.

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Russia of Stanislav

Some fresh information on such a mysterious country as Russia. It may sound strange but we do not have Communist rule here, just like we do not have bears walking in the streets, etc. The words like balalaika, matrioshka, samovar, etc. are native Russian words but are not the only things we have to be proud of.


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