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A handmade website (completely designed in a usual text editor) that has grown up from sometime poor or even terrible homepage (fortunately, only a few saw it 😉) to something more or less presentable! It used to be a completely personal creation of its author, and now it is filled and developed by a whole creative community that consists of friends and fellows who are united by the general purpose – through their own creations, self-expression, to give other people joy 😊 and beauty, to stimulate people's ability to dissect, to awake hidden creative reserves, ambition for self-development and improving the environment.

  • News. News of the website's updates, the latest messages and comments from its visitors.
  • History. A subsection with miscellaneous historical artifacts accumulated during the website's existence since 23 December 2000 that are somehow interesting for its author and fascinated visitors.
  • Promotion. The website has never been promoted explicitly over the Internet, mostly so-so, between this and then. However, the time and the Internet dictate their terms, thus it is forced to accumulate more and more standard attributes of a web project…
  • Feedback. The website is not a monologue impervious for appeals of its visitors and users. Its visitors are not just visitors but primarily co-authors. Here you will find information on the activity of the website's visitors' feedback.
  • Sitemap. The map (structure) of the website not for search engines (there is a special XML sitemap for them) but for humans… lost on it. 😊