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Research by Stanislav

This section holds materials relating to some research, experiments, observation and similar activity, as well as to their analysis. Methods and means of the research or experiments, their results and other aspects are deeply subjective and often have entertaining or narrow interesting sense. People or their interests mentioned in any of the research projects either did agree to use their personal data or are not shown explicitly.

  • Articles, Reports, etc. Various articles, reports and other materials as results of research activities, analysis or just observation of various aspects of life and profession, not so much scientific but usually quite interesting.
  • Surveys of Visitors. The subsystem of surveys for visitors was developed to an order of an active visitor. The purpose of the subsystem is to collect and analyze statistic data, including those regarding thesises of the most interesting articles and discussions on the website. If you have an interesting survey, you can offer it to the author.
  • Movie Chart. A subjective movie chart that was written by a Canadian friend of mine in far-far January of 2002. Unfortunately, once written it was never updated thus now it does not reflect either her (the author's) or the website visitors' current tastes and preferences as many-many movies were filmed since then.