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This page was born from the “Exotic (Creations)” item, as soon as more than one video clip 😊 with the website creator appeared, as well as storing and broadcasting of them were entrusted to the own YouTube channel. Below the collected video clips are presented as ready-to-be-watched, in the reverse chronological order (the latest are at the top).

Special greetings from TriFin Labs' representative (analyst and project manager) in Russia for his future colleagues and its future clients, recorded in snowy January of 2019.

Unexpected thanks video (automatically generated by application) from my ex-student Aida. Initially it was published on 13 December 2014 in her Facebook.

Video recording of the English presentation of FuzzyMath (an open source software project produced by Inreco LAN) for the SourceForge's 4th Annual Community Choice Awards 2009 contest, in its new nomination “Best Project for Academia” (unfortunately, not the winner). The recording was made at the company's office on 18 June 2009.

On July 22, 2003, I suddenly became a participant of the Dutch-Flemish adventure game/reality show “Peking Express”, of its very 1st season, in which 8 pairs of brave tourists almost without money have to get hitchhiking from Moscow to Beijing. I met brothers Joeri and Wesley on my way home from work that summer evening, on one of the bypass roads of my city, Vladimir, ironically called “Pekingka”. I hope that through my participation and the hospitality of my parents we managed to show the “human face of Russia” – this was one of the goals of this show.