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As for me, I am not a fan of desktop wallpapers, however, the availability of the extraordinary logo and talented friends leads to the existence of such pictures, as is, and they can be shared – just in case somebody likes them. There are no limitations for the distribution of the graphical materials, and I do not demand compulsory referring to my website (wallpapers are image advertisement themselves).

Almost all the artworks that are published below were created by my talented fellow, Sergey Yachkulo from the pleasant city of Stavropol, and only one of them created by Oleg Babulin, the owner of a gallery on my website.

To see a picture in its actual (larger) size (1024 x 768), click/tap it, and it will be opened in a lightbox or a separate tab, or save it outright to a convenient place by clicking the right mouse button and selecting “Save Target As…” menu item.

Dark Blue on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Dark Blue on White
Golden on Light Gray © Sergey Yachkulo
Golden on Light Gray
Marsh Green on Parquet © Sergey Yachkulo
Marsh Green on Parquet
Multicolored Allsorts © Sergey Yachkulo
Multicolored Allsorts
Scarlet on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Scarlet on White
Violet on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Violet on White
Cloudy Red on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Cloudy Red on White
Lime on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Lime on White
Blue on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Blue on White
Orange on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Orange on White
Golden on White © Sergey Yachkulo
Golden on White
Golden on Gray © Sergey Yachkulo
Golden on Gray
StingRay Scorpio © Oleg Babulin
StingRay Scorpio