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My website is always open for those who wish to exchange some links and/or banners. I accept offers from different thematic-close websites that do not violate state laws, morality norms and netiquette. I do not practice active search of websites to exchange links with, therefore the process of exchange de facto looks the following way: you read this page to the end, and if the conditions suit you, you place a link to my website and then notify me about that by e-mail, specifying the address of the page where the link is placed, along with the description of your link to be published on my website.

Links to

There are many options to publish a link to my website. Below some of the main components are listed, and you can select and combine them by your own.

  • Simple text link from the website's name is the simplest, ascetic variant of a link. Its HTML code looks as follows:
    <a href="" title=" – The Law of Stanislav"></a>
  • Link from the website's graphic banner (static or dynamic). Its HTML code looks as follows:
    <a href="" title=" – The Law of Stanislav"><img src="" width="88" height="31" alt="" border="0"></a>
    Here, in the place of as the value of the src parameter you should specify the full address (URL) of a banner: Banner (Soviet) Banner (Violet) Banner (Dark) Banner (Dynamic)
  • The website's short text description may be added to a graphical and/or text link. The description is as follows:
    The website used to be a completely personal creation of its author, and now it is filled and developed by a whole creative community that consists of friends and fellows who are united by the general purpose – through their own creations, self-expression, to give other people joy and beauty, to stimulate people's ability to dissect, to awake hidden creative reserves, ambition for self-development and improving the environment.

The presentation formats listed above may be reasonably modified to become compatible with a particular website's politics and/or graphical design. Moreover, unique descriptions based on somebody's own impressions from my website are the most appreciated.

External Links Publication

Link exchange must be equal, i. e. text link for text link, banner for banner. The same applies to “prestige” of a publication place (a page on a website) and general resource popularity.

By default my website offers the following main options for external links publication:

  • Simple text link from the name of a website considered interesting/useful is published under one of the categories in my personal links collection.
  • Link from a graphic banner (88 x 31, 88 x 100) of a website considered interesting/useful is published on the same links collection page but at the left, on the banner panel.

For most exchange cases these options are enough. However, I am not limited to them, and I am ready to review any other offers in mutually beneficial conditions.