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The website's zero version

The official date of the website's birth is 23 December 2000. Exactly on that day my friend Oleg Akimov and I decided to create our own website and to publish it on the Internet. Of course, the very first version (or, to sound more correct, the zero version) should not be called a website as it contained only three (!) pages, the first one of which looked like it is shown at the right. All this was deployed on a free host server called “New Mail”, where the website successfully used to live up to March of 2005. The domain name ( had been chosen using my computer nickname that had also formed the name of the resource – “Mr. StingRay Website”. From the very beginning the website was planned as bilingual, and it still remains, with a remark that the English part is about 7 – 10 times less than the Russian one, that is also reflected by the visiting statistics: English-speaking visitors compose about 10% of all the website visitors.

The content of the website's zero version was not only poor – it was impoverished, moreover, to tell the truth, it was perverted. Now, recalling that my creation, I am ashamed of myself… I will not put the screenshot of the most disgraceful thing here but I tell you there was an immodest ASCII art picture… However, that time I had no scruple to show this and being flushed with joy I gave the link to my fellows and friends, and here are the first comments: “Debauch and whorehouse”, “Pervert”, etc. Of course, I was a little bit disappointed… The first time in life I tried to create something and publish it on the Internet – and such a failure. Fortunately, my then passion was enough not to stop and not to quit the idea at once, moreover, the first comments taught me to listen to my visitors' opinions and to constantly improve. The truth is, very soon I was in fact alone who worked on the website – my first associate did quit but forever he became number one in the website's thanks list.

The website's first version

The next day, on 24 December 2000, trying to purify myself from the disgrace, I released the version that should be considered as the first (the previous was zero version). The website's news page described this update as “The beginning of the Russian part of the website”. I started with the so-called frame architecture (the left frame contains the main menu, the right one shows the main contents of a page) but later I desisted from using it (in favor of tables). From the very beginning the logo stayed in the top left corner but in fact that was not either my logo or the website's (as it is now), just an abstract picture that I created from a occasionally found photography using my favorite accessory called Microsoft Paint (that time I did not ever hear about Adobe Photoshop); that picture had the F1 key somewhere in the middle of the keyboard – by this I tried to reflect my then principle of mutual help (help on help) taken from the same legend of my nickname; thereafter I was time and again asked about that strange keyboard. This first version of the website had already five (Russian) pages: “Author”, “Thanks”, “News”, “Search” and “Pictures” – all of them in similar views stay on the website even now.

… (to be translated from the Russian origin)

Birth of

On 18 March 2005 a miracle happened at long last – I had bought my own domain name and professional commercial hosting! But first let me tell you a few things happened before that…

… (to be translated from the Russian origin) 1.8

Almost at once, in the beginning of April 2005, the gradual transition to the database usage had started from the “Movies” subsection of the Russian part of the website. Initially it was only the feature for visitors to vote for particular movies (using the 5-marks scale, old-fashioned now). Then the dynamic generation of all movie pages came (on 27 April) and the feature of commenting (on 9 May). After that the “Books” subsection of the Russian part was developed in a similar way (in June). And in December 2005 both subsections were made projects of the Russian part (available as tabs from each of its pages), along with an affiliate of the big Russian dating system called Wamba.

Somewhen in the same December of 2005 I had to add the FAQ page to the “Website” section, with frequently asked questions about the website and my answers to them. Different visitors of the website made me doing this, different but equally persistent.

On 23 December 2005 the website became 5 years old. By that time the web counter displayed more than 300 000 of hits. Celebrating the 5th anniversary due to forgotten reasons was moved on 11 March 2006 and took place modestly and with the minimal presence of the invited:

The website, even being lifeless, was pleased to have a birthday cake with 5 candles! :-)
However, I was the one to blow out the candles instead of my brainchild, of course, made a wish of its long life! :-)
There were a few of us but this meant that each guest was even more important for me, as the participant of the 5-year history of the website.

18 November 2008 is the date of the 1000th update of the website.

On 6 September 2009 the HotLog web counter displayed 1 million of hits.

On 13 August 2010 “Life Research” and “Professional Research” subsection were united back again, now as a subsection named “Articles, Reports, etc.

On 2 – 3 October 2010 the HotLog web counter displayed 1 million of visitors (unique).

On 23 December 2010 the website became 10 years old! As one of my friends who took part in celebrating the anniversary noted, remembering that the whole hypertext Internet (World-Wide Web, WWW) is only 20 years old, 10 years for a website is quite a long period. :-) The celebration of the anniversary took place on 25 December 2010 in a “cafe zone” of a mall. Despite that during the 10 years many of those who participated in creation and development of the website lost any interest in it, and along with those who are geographically far away accounted about 87.5% of refusals (!) to come for the celebration, this time I managed to gather even more people than for the celebration of the 5th anniversary; moreover, three of the presented were at that celebration! And thanks to my colleague Sergey Lakeev here we have a more interesting and larger photoreport:

Stanislav, the author, founder and owner of
Nikolay, a friend of mine who took part in celebrating the 5th anniversary.
Pavel, a friend of mine, the main supplier of computer-related curious pictures.
Stanislav, the one who is writing these photo descriptions. :-)
Nikolay is listening.
Pavel is thinking.
Stanislav is telling the history of the website. :-)
Nikolay is still listening.
Stanislav is now thinking, too…
Stanislav is still talking, gesticulating…
Vladimir and Stanislav are listening. :-)
Vladimir meets Ratmir, the son of Stanislav.
“Hallo! The administrator of the mobile version of the website is listening” :-)
Vladimir is speaking.
Vladimir is still speaking.
Stanislav is looking at Vladimir with a doubt.
Looks like aircraft pilots are discussing air maneuvers. :-)
Vladimir, a friend of mine, one of the website's music and movie experts, and a technology consultant; also took part in celebrating the 5th anniversary.
Looks like Vladimir is singing. :-)
Stanislav is explaining something.
At least Vladimir is listening…
And now two are listening…
Nikolay is objecting.
Vladimir is explaining.
Vladimir is finishing his speech.
Vladimir is laughing…
…Just because Ratmir is doing the same… or vice versa?.. :-)
That was fun! :-)
However, used to get back to serious discussions…
…And back to jokes. :-)
As it is fashionable to say, positive! :-)
The general view almost from the top.
Well, goodbye, see you next time! :-)

On 23 December 2015 the website became 15 years old! There were plans to release the website with a new look by that date but the amount of re-design work was underestimated as compared to the website creator's available time resources so it was impossible to do the planned. :-( Accordingly, the 15th anniversary's celebration would look strange. :-( So there was no celebration, however, the traditional mug with the logo was given to one of the co-authors. ;-) 2.0

On 30 October 2016, after more than 2 years and 4 months of working on the website's redesign (based on the JA Elastica Joomla template by JoomlArt), its adaptation for all types of devices (including mobile ones), architectural reworking and implementing several important enhancements, thanks for the active participation of my brother Evgeny Semiryakov and и mostly my friend Alexey Budaev, the updated website has become available to the public!


15 March 2018, after exactly 1 year of the website creator's Instagram “secret” existence with filling from his art gallery, this photographic social network was published in the header of the website's Russian part and became a part of its broadcating network, and the article on the Instagram experiment lasted 1 year was published in its “Articles, Reports, etc.” subsection.

To be continued…