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Old New Mail counter

Since created (23 December 2000) up to 26 April 2002 website statistics were collected by “native” (relating the host server) New Mail counter. During the period it had counted 6 369 hits, while in September 2001 there were less than 1 000 hits, and by the first anniversary (23 December 2001) there were about 2 800, i. e. hits were increasing exponentially. In the end of April, in connection with the host server moving to a new statistics system and the arisen technical problems of using it, I was forced to refuse using “native” counter, in favor of a third party's one.

I'm not going to describe here the details of choosing a web statistics system, I'll only notice that I've chosen a still young but a very perspective service called that offers the widest options among all free web statistics systems. The new counter was installed at the website instead of the old one on 26 April 2002, and by the present time (15 June 2002) has counted more than 4 000 hits due to more than 1 700 visitors.

100 000 hits on HotLog counter

On 5 August 2004 the settled down HotLog counter showed roly-poly number of 100 000 hits due to almost 45 500 visitors. Smiling, I recall how I tried to reach 100 hits during… the first two months (!) of the website's life. Thank you all, my dear visitors, for that you've walked this way along with me!!! I hope we continue walking hand-in-hand in future!

In the end of September – the beginning of October 2004 there was a system upgrade of HotLog, and I was informed about possible malfunction of the statistics system due to this. On 2 October 2004 I saw an enormous number of 4 294 967 307 hits on my counter! I quickly estimated that if I reached 100 000 hits during 1 321 days then the four milliard odd I'd reached in just… 56 736 512 days, or 155 336 years old! As it's said, long live, my website! 😊

2 754 hits per day

On 20 March 2006 the absolute record of attendance per day (technical fault was not the reason then) – 2 754 hits for 648 visitors. By that moment the average website attendance for all its lifetime amounted 173 hits per day for 72 visitors, and by today (1 September 2006) it reached 235 hits per day for 91 visitors, at that for the period from 20 March to 1 September 2006 the average attendance (that is more adequate for today) amounted 955 hits for 319 visitors per day.

On 6 September 2007 the first million threshold was passed – 1 million hits (exposures of website pages). By this date the average website attendance for all its lifetime amounted 408 hits per date. And approximately on 2 – 3 October 2010 the second million threshold was passed – 1 million visitors (unique). By this date the average website attendance for all its lifetime amounted 280 visitors per day.

Using the HotLog statistics system allowed to collect various data regarding the website's attendance. The most interesting moments used to be published occasionally in here before 18 May 2009. The full version of the statistics was available online on a HotLog server (unfortunately, only in Russian) up to 14 November 2022 when HotLog was closed.

Google Analytics

As Google still has not opened anonymous public access to its Google Analytics – the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives rich insights into a website's traffic and marketing effectiveness – there is still no possibility to view its attentance statistics online, only personalized restricted access is available.