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Time flies, the website grows, and there is a need to open a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and answers) page about everything that is related to the website. Such a page is created not because of “all cool websites must have a FAQ page” but because of a real need, as my attempt to save some time on answering regularly asked questions. That is why you will not find any artificially invented questions and answers – let there be a few of them but only real ones.

  1. Question. What does the logo mean, the one displayed at the top left corner of every website's page?
    Answer. This is my personal logo, the meaning of which refers my nickname (see question #2), and as the website is my personal, my logo became the logo of the website. Initially the logo was designed by my friend Maxim L. thus the best way to explain its meaning is his own words, “Its abstract form and the specification of the logo is conditioned by generality of your activity, it's just a logo of a man. The circle shape has chosen as a basis because it's the most actual for your human characters: mildness and equability, as well as openness from every side (circle as is). And your nickname (sting ray) is reflected in peaks and other acute details”.
  2. Question. As far as I know, the author of the website has a nickname, StingRay, what does it mean?
    Answer. Well, it is a long story, and it is senseless to retell it here so please read about it on a dedicated page, if you are really interested. But if to tell the truth, I almost do not use the nickname now (“computer childhood» has gone) but prefer my real name. Accordingly, my website, previously known as “StingRay Website”, now is called simply However, my logo (a.k.a. the website's logo – see question #1) remains in its initial view.
  3. Question. I would like to exchange some links or even banners with, is it possible and in which form?
    Answer. Yes, it is possible. Such an exchange may be an advertising exchange as well as just an interesting one, and in both cases can be links and/or banners exchange. For more information on exchange terms and conditions see a dedicated page in this section of the website.
  4. Question. Why were some of my messages in the guestbook or comments on other pages with the commenting feature edited or even deleted?
    Answer. Most likely, your messages or comments did not comply with the published rules of commenting. If you consider this a controversial point, you may write me a letter by e-mail to solve the problem – as I can be mistaken, too. Thank you for understanding.