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Commenting Rules

In older times the website's visitors' activity was minimal – only a standard guestbook and a forum existed, provided by then native free host server, and they were filled with posts very rarely. Later, after moving to a commercial host server, when the guestbook's functionality was improved greatly, and the commenting and discussion feature added to most pages of the website, visitors' posts started to appear more and more frequently, and, accordingly, the number of inappropriate posts (that require editing or even deletion – due to my own rules and principles) increased. And now, to be honest and open, I have decided to publish the mentioned commenting and discussion rules I use to perform my censorial (or, the fashion is to say, “moderating”) activity.

General Commenting Rules

General rules are applied to all posts (comments and messages) on the website and act on the principle of English legislation: everything is permitted if not forbidden.

  1. Do not use foul (bad) language in posts, including replacements of letters with special characters or replacements of whole words with words that sound alike.
  2. Do not use swear or rude words in posts.
  3. Do not abuse other visitors, people or organizations in posts.
  4. Do not add same (typical) posts in different places.
  5. Do not add empty posts (“cool”, “I liked it”, “normal”, consisting of smiles or punctuation marks only, etc.).
  6. Do not add posts that are off the given topic or place (such as writing in the guestbook about something that does not anyhow relate either to the website, or to its author, etc.).
  7. Do not violate existing Russian and applicable international legislation.
  8. Do not add posts that can be considered as advertisement.
  9. Do not misuse repetitions of words, punctuation marks and smiles in posts.
  10. Do not use jargon or slang and try to use literate language.
  11. Do not add posts consisting from capital letters only, and do not misuse available HTML formatting (bold, italic, etc.).
  12. Because there is no registration of visitors on the website, it is recommended for the same person to use a constant name in posts – later, when the registration is implemented, this may ease identification.
  13. Posts in English must be written with Latin letters, other languages as well.

The rules may be changed or improved if new cases take place.