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Curious Pictures for Computer Geeks

Here you will find exclusively collected (and not stolen from the Internet) pictures (photographs, scans, screenshots) that are curious in some way (funny, stupid, unusual) mostly for computer geeks. You can view the pictures in the slide show mode – just use the link arrows and or the mapped key combinations Ctrl + ➔ and Ctrl + ➔.

59 Minutes, 60 Seconds

59 Minutes, 60 Seconds

Since the release of HTML5 with the <video> tag I no longer understand why someone uses his/her own video players on web pages, but in this example of PlayerJS used on the LordFilm movie site I have understood why – it allows to show a user such unique time moments as 59:60, after which appear trivial 60:00. 😁 It's funny but PlayerJS, even generating its own tags (<pjsdiv>), deeper, inside still uses the <video> HTML5 tag. 😊

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