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The list table presented below is sorted by descending date by default (so the latest articles are at the top) but you can always re-sort it by clicking one of the columns' headers. Most of the materials presented below opens like a usual web pages though some may require downloading an archive with the following extrating from it – the absense of viruses is guaranteed.

Date Title (Name) Last Comment Subsection

4 May 2016 E-mail Servers' POP3/SMTP Parameters Gaylenus, 16 Apr 2021 2:45:51 IT
28 Dec 2011 The “Second Wave” of Web Design (initially published in the author’s company blog) PrimeOutsourcing, 8 Nov 2013 4:39:52 IT
19 Dec 2011 Experience of Using and LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office, Comparison and Evaluation of the Possible Replacement (initially published in the author’s company blog) Ron, 19 Dec 2012 20:48:41 IT
6 Apr 2002 American Holidays Ксюша, 21 Oct 2007 16:44:27 Countries
8 Oct 2023 Adding a Static Sticker to a Set of Animated Ones in Telegram No comments IT
27 Oct 2010 AddThis as the First Step to a Website’s “Socialization” (initially published in the author’s company blog) No comments IT
13 Dec 2011 Aspects of Implementing User Registration on a Website (initially published in the author’s company blog) No comments IT
8 Oct 2010 Comparison of Change Management Systems: ClearQuest, VSTS, Redmine and BugTracker.NET + Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, etc. – Are They All Informatization and Efficiency Improvement Projects or Just a Farce? (2 articles published in the 1st English issue of the “c0re” magazine) Comments inaccessible IT
15 Dec 2011 Decentralized Identification with OpenId (initially published in the author’s company blog) No comments IT
2 Sep 2010 Fishing by Inreco LAN (initially published in the author's company blog) No comments  

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