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The given article is the continuation of the talking on implementing user registration on a website.


Trying to minimize my potential efforts to implement user registration on my own website (i. e. to find an easy way) as well as to use the modern level of web technologies, once I occasionally found the information on the OpenId standard and on the possibility to use Microsoft’s own LiveId as a third-party identification mechanisms. I have never heard of their common name so let’s call it trusted network identification – this quite reflects its essence (“my website trusts a provider website to identify a user while the provider website trusts mine as the requesting user identification”).

Unfortunately, OpenId and LiveId did not differ in the main criterion for me – the presence of ready-to-use and open ASP libraries to be used on my website. LiveId SDK is initially oriented to ASP.NET development, OpenId has more libraries but there was no any ASP library I needed (yes, I still develop using the “classic” ASP, not the modern and “fashionable” ASP.NET). 🙁

So the major difference between OpenId and LiveId was in that the first one was an open standard and thus the technology of decentralized network identification, and the second one was the closed Microsoft’s identification service (though with an open identification interface) – and who knows what this mega corporation and monopoly is planning to do with the personal data one day?.. That is why the OpenId “won the race” by its “democracy”. 😊 And when a little bit later, 27 October 2008, LiveId also started working as an OpenId provider I understood that had made the right choice of the generic technology – OpenId.

Later I insisted on the implementing the OpenId identification in one of our company’s projects, the Vladimir regional events service called “When Will It Be?”

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