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Hollywood Names Statistics

Having a huge database on movies, their actors (9631 people) and directors (1430 people) in the Russian part of the website, it would be an omission not to perform some statistical analysis on it. So I decided to write a mini article with such an analysis using the following algorithm:

  1. Russian names were removed from the lists of actors/actresses and directors – only 7098 actors and 1076 directors left, most of who are from Hollywood.
  2. The shorter lists of actors/actresses and directors were united with removing duplicates (the cases when an actor is a directors at the same time) – the general list of 8093 people was created.
  3. The united list of actors/directors was transformed to the list of their first names with frequency numbers specified – the list of 2984 names was created then.
  4. The final list was sorted by descending frequency numbers, and the frequency percentage was specified for each.

Below there are first 10 leading names of the final list:

# Name Count %
1 Michael 129 4.32
2 David 124 4.16
3 John 122 4.09
4 James 78 2.61
5 Peter 78 2.61
6 Robert 66 2.21
7 Richard 63 2.11
8 Paul 60 2.01
9 Tom 49 1.64
10 Chris 48 1.61
  Total 2984 100.00

As it can be seen from the table, the frequency percentage of each name is not very great but this is explained by a great number of “one-time” names (those found in the general list only once). However, even such statistics reflects the real situation with popularity of names not only in Hollywood but also in the whole West (male names are the leaders though female names were also in the list).

P. S. The list is generated dynamically each time this page is browsed so there may be some changed in it as the “Movies” project of the Russian part is developed.

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