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Useful Extensions of the Google Chrome Web Browser

It is clear that everyone has different tasks on the Internet, as well as habits, and therefore everyone uses those tools that solve his/her tasks, and to which he/she is accustomed. I, for example, started with Internet Explorer, then used a wrapper around it – MyIE, then there was Fifefox, and since then for many years this is Chrome (but at the same time, as a web developer, I always have all the other web browsers at hand: both the mentioned Firefox and Internet Explorer, and Opera). Anyway, few people are satisfied with the regular functionality of web browsers, and therefore it is expanded with additional modules. Below I wanted to share which extensions of the Google Chrome web browser I personally use.

All the Chrome extensions listed below are free, are located in the Chrome Web Store (links from logos and names lead there) and they are installed directly from it in a regular way. The list is given in the alphabetical order:

  • AdBlock Plus

    AdBlock Plus

    An advertisement blocker, including one inserted into videos, with the ability to configure your own blocking rules. For example, my rules for blocking YouTube recommendations:

  • BrowserSec VPN

    BrowserSec VPN

    A proxy for bypassing network locks, and also for additional traffic encryption.

  • Disable Content-Security-Policy

    Disable Content-Security-Policy

    Unblocking the ban of some sites (particularly, Facebook) of the embedding external code into them (particularly, my JavaScipt bookmarklets).

  • Download All Images

    Download All Images

    Detecting all possible images on the current page and downloading them all at once in one ZIP archive.

  • Empty New Tab Page

    Empty New Tab Page

    A completely ascetic (white) new web browser tab, without any traces of history, advertising, etc.

  • Save Webpages Offline as MHTML

    Save Webpages Offline as MHTML

    Saving the current web page into a single file of the MIME HTML (*.mhtml) format for archival purposes or offline use. I use this extension when the following, WebScrapBook, does not work.

  • WebScrapBook


    Saving the current web page into a single file of the HTML (*.html) format for archival purposes or offline use. Does not work with some websites – in this case, I use the previous extension, Save Webpages Offline as MHTML.

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