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Times & Ages. Rome by Lianess
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Having your own website is something like being a publisher, having your own little publishing house. So I decided to use this special status of mine to publish artworks by my talented friends, under their kind permission. Here they come…

Author Updated Works Comments

Diana Kozintseva

10 Jan 2017 107 0

Stanislav Ogryzkov

24 May 2017 283 3

Victoria Kurinskaya

13 May 2017 66 0

The order of any gallery is as follows: to open a gallery the website creator has to meet a potential gallery owner in person, and there must be at least two new artworks; in case the artworks are art photographs (of nature, etc.) they must be interleaved with images of other creations (drawings, handiworks, etc.); each gallery must be updated on a regular basis (at least one time a year), otherwise the gallery owner's “creative death” is stated, and the old-fashioned gallery is moved to…

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