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Here you can find some photographs of me in different periods of life. It is not easy to distinguish between photos with me alone and those with my family and friends. However, here I am presented, though in my life I am rather a photograher than a photo object.

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2017.07.29 In a children's part of the “Silver City” (Ivanovo, Russia)
2017.07.29 It's almost my first time on a gyroscooter, so that's why my eyes are down, and I'm focused :-)
2017.07.22 In front of MiG-35 at the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS 2017)
2017.07.14 Rowing a boat in the Sudogda oxbow
2017.07.14 My first lasertag game (outdoors)
2017.07.14 Russian national log house
2017.07.14 Russian national climbing :-)
2017.07.14 In the “Meschersky Skete” recreation base
2017.06.07 The upper part of the body was bent back by the coastal wind, I suppose :-D
2017.06.07 It's very hot in China even when it's cloudy and gloomy
2017.06.05 I couldn't shape my body exactly to fit the shape of the sunbed!.. :-)
2017.06.05 Here is a riddle: where am I in the territory of a Chinese hotel? :-)
2017.06.05 Chinese stone garden :-)
2017.06.04 A view from the lighthouse of the Clear Water Bay (China, as you may notice from my hat) to the coast and the protected part of the bay (port)
2017.06.04 Here is a riddle: who knows HTML, is located in China but is not Chinese man? :-)
2017.06.04 A waiter at the hotel taught me how to hold Chinese chopsticks but I didn't started to consider them a convenient cutlery anyway
2017.06.04 The name of Sanya (Hainan, China) consists of 2 hieroglyphs: 三亚 which means “three rivers”
2017.06.04 It's easy to remember the hieroglyph of China: 中 looks like 2 mirrored “P” letters, and “P” means “porcelain” (invented in China)
2017.06.04 How could I so shamelessly perch onto the girl with the dolphins! :-)
2017.06.03 This is a jackfruit of my size! :-)
2017.06.03 Reaching out for the sun… oops, a Chinese lantern
2017.06.03 A view from a Sanya beach (Hainan, China) to the sail-like hotel on the coast of the South China Sea
2017.06.03 A view from the 19th floor of Aloha Oceanfront Suite Resort to the Clear Water Bay and the South China Sea
2017.06.02 A preudoChinese man in the natutal beauty created by true Chinese people
2017.06.01 As a reminder of how I went through the horror labyrinth in the Romance Park
2017.06.01 Surrounded with Chinese people ready to watch the magnificent Chinese Romantic Show
2017.06.01 Checking my vestibular apparatus and dexterity against a risk of falling into the water
2017.06.01 One more way to feel yourself a descendant of monkeys on lianas :-)
2017.06.01 As a god Buddha requires a bottom-up glance
2017.06.01 Buddhists also use candles, they put them not in a cresset like Christians do but in such a “pot” with ash
2017.06.01 At the entrance to the Romance Park, one of the best theme parks in China
2017.06.01 Sometimes you beat the sea, and sometimes it beats you
2017.06.01 Fighting the South China Sea
2017.06.01 Spacious beaches of Hainan are called “Chinese Hawaii” for a reason
2017.05.31 You become stronger on vacation… :-)
2017.05.31 True Chinese knows HTML! :-)
2017.05.31 Some coconuts are of such taste :-P
2017.05.31 A rhesus macaque, me and a Chinese girl
2017.05.31 Me, a rhesus macaque and a Chinese girl
2017.05.31 We evolved from apes, didn't we?.. :-)
2017.05.31 Walking through an alley of the Monkey Island (Hainan)
2017.05.31 A sad anthropoid ape in a prison :-)
2017.05.31 In the jungle of the Monkey Island (Hainan)
2017.05.31 The “Wisdom Monkey” (with a human skull) statue seems to warn our human kind… ;-)
2017.05.31 You can't cheat rhesus macaques with an empty hand :-)
2017.05.31 Rhesus macaques eat out of hand quite culturally
2017.05.31 One flew over the cuckoo's nest… oops, over the Monkey Island (Hainan)
2017.05.31 A blurry Chinese man :-)
2017.05.30 Jentleman stays jentleman even in a hammock :-)
2017.05.30 Walking in the South China Sea
2017.05.30 In the “jungle”, “embedded” in a hotel's wall
2017.05.30 “You will only miss the ocean if you close your eyes”
2017.05.30 Aloha! Oceanfront Suite Resort is not on the Hawaii islands but in China
2017.05.29 On the steps of a “Moorish” gazebo in China
2017.05.29 A Chinese version of James Cameron's “Titanic” :-)
2017.05.29 Under the fontain styled as a Chinese junk
2017.05.29 On an inflatable slide that is mostly for children :-)
2017.05.01 On the roundabout at the Innopolis University (Tatarstan, Russia)
2017.05.01 At the fence hiding the name of the colored building – “Innopolis International School” (Innopolis, Tatarstan, Russia)
2017.05.01 With the Innopolis Lyceum located in that “innovative city of the future” (Tatarstan, Russia)
2017.04.29 At the monument to Musa Cälil, a Soviet Tatar poet and resistance fighter, executed in a Nazi prison in 1944; the monument is in front of the Kazan Kremlin (Tatarstan, Russia)
2017.04.29 There a “Russian Tower of Pisa” – Söyembikä Tower in the Kazan Kremlin (Tatarstan, Russia) which I leant :-)
2017.04.29 In the Kazan Kremlin (Tatarstan, Russia) under a giant butterfly that supposedly was a caterpillar once, and then possibly will become a shaped bush :-)
2017.04.29 Such a brave under a tyrannosaurus-like skeleton in the Museum of Natural History in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia)
2017.04.29 In Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) in front of the Qol Sharif Mosque wedged into the Kazan Kremlin
2017.04.29 In Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) in front of the Palace of Farmers with a tree in the central arc
2017.04.29 In Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) with the Kazanka river and the Family Center shaped as a giant kazan (cauldron) in the background
2017.04.29 In Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) with the Kazanka river and the Kazan Kremlin in the background
2017.04.29 In Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) at the pier of the Kazanka river and with the latter in the background
2017.04.28 In Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) at the K-403 “Kazan” submarine
2017.02.12 With hair of night color :-) at Max Bräu