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Diana Kozintseva's Gallery

In the given gallery there are mostly hand drawings in various techniques, sometimes computer-colored; besides, there are art photographs, as well as design works. The artworks' titles, if not specified by the author, are given by me after her permission.

To see a picture in its actual (larger) size, click/tap it, and it will be opened in a lightbox or a separate tab.

“Walk on Rainbow”, cover (water-color, 2009)
Walk on Rainbow (cover)
“Walk on Rainbow”, pp. 1-2 (water-color, 2009)
Walk on Rainbow (pp. 1-2)
“Walk on Rainbow”, pp. 3-4 (water-color, 2009)
Walk on Rainbow (pp. 3-4)
“Walk on Rainbow”, pp. 5-6 (water-color, 2009)
Walk on Rainbow (pp. 5-6)
“Walk on Rainbow”, pp. 7-8 (water-color, 2009)
Walk on Rainbow (pp. 7-8)
“Walk on Rainbow”, pp. 9-10 (water-color, 2009)
Walk on Rainbow (pp. 9-10)
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